Winter Styling For Your Open Inspection

The advantages of styling a property for sale are well known. First and foremost, according to Open Agent, while styling doesn’t always promise a return on investment, on average, you can expect to see a 7.5 to 12.5 per cent increase on your final sale price.

But the sales result aside, winter styling becomes even more important, as without warmer weather and longer days of lighting to bring out the property’s best features, styling can help to ensure your property stands out from the crowd at open for inspections. Read these top tips for styling your property for a winter open for inspection.

Winter open for inspection styling. Where to start?

If you are setting up for an open for inspection, the first thing to remember is the temperature in the house.

If you are selling in winter, there is no way of getting around it, it is cold outside. Make an easy and instant first impression by cranking up the heating so that when people enter the house to view it, they are greeted with a sense of welcome by a warmer temperature.

Consider the Lighting

Winter lighting is significantly darker than spring, so make sure you have styled the home with lighting in mind.

If your home is north facing, and gets a lot of light, make sure you have cleaned your windows so the light shining through is really putting on a show.

If you are not lucky enough to get a lot of natural light in the home, you really don’t want it to appear dark as it can be a major turn off for buyers.

Look at the lighting in the house carefully and consider where you could bring in a few additional lamps, or even candles. Decide which can create a more natural lighting look.

Play on cosy

Everybody loves cuddling up and getting cosy in winter and you can play on this in your winter open for inspection.

According to Vault Interiors, the best way to create a sense of cosiness in an open for inspection is to layer textures and fabrics that will help trap in any heat, like plush rugs, wool or faux fur throws placed around the living areas and bedrooms.

It is also a good idea to consider winter colours in your styling design. Choose warm tones for any additional throws, cushions or general decor you are bringing into the home.

Don’t Forget your Outdoor Areas

Spring might get all the attention for gardens blooming and green lawns but ensuring your frontages and any garden areas are trimmed, neat and tidy will go a long way in winter. In fact, according to Domain, improving your property’s exterior is the number one way you can add value to your home on sale day.

Another tip is to consider setting up outdoor entertaining areas as if it were a winter occasion.

If you have an outdoor entertaining area, you can apply some of the techniques you have used to style the home inside, outside, such as adding plush rugs, throws or cushions to outdoor furniture to give off the appeal of a cosy area.

Bring Some Greenery Inside

Greenery, such as fresh flowers, is still extremely important in an open for inspection, even in winter.

It’s a simple trick, but fresh flowers are great during an open home as they look and smell fantastic. Just make sure you are sticking with your overall theme. Use flowers, plants or succulents that add to the winter, warming vibe you are creating in the home.

Call in the Experts

If you are selling during winter and the thought of styling for your open for inspection overwhelms you, the experts are there to help.

Your agent can recommend a stylist who will be able to bring the features of your property to life. You can either leave them to their own devices to create what they think will work for the space or work closely with them to ensure you have a hand in the final look and feel.

Prices for styling range, so it’s best to speak with your agent and get their recommendations first.

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