At Eaton & Ascot
we aim to Exceed Your Expectations Every Time

Our mission is to provide exceptional service while continuously searching for better and more efficient ways to deliver premium results, and maximising the return on your investment.

We will provide you with a complete management package tailored to suit you and your particular property. Our policy is to customise all managements to suit each and every landlord. We don’t just manage your property, we look after your property.

Our philosophy is simple – to look after your property as if it were our own.  This means always selecting the best quality tenants, achieving the highest market rental, ensuring that your property is maintained in excellent condition and providing you with prompt, personalised service at all times.   

Furthermore, our property management systems and procedures ensure effective letting and  management to maximise our clients’ investment returns and that’s what it’s all about – maximising your investment opportunities.

Summary of Services
We Provide

  • Determining the best possible rent return.

  • Advertising your Property for Rent.

  • Co-ordinating access with current tenants.

  • Showing prospective tenants through the property.

  • Screening for quality tenants.

  • Attending to all relevant security, financial & reference checks.

  • Lodgement of all necessary forms and monies to ensure your property remains compliant with current regulations.

  • Induction outline of expectations to tenants.

  • Day to day management of your rental property.

  • End of Month Accounting and Statements.

  • Organising for any repairs and/or maintenance as required.
  • Annual Rent Review and appraisal of your property to ensure that you are achieving the best possible rent.
  • Coordinating cleaning and pest control for exiting tenants.

  • Final Inspections, arranging for any repair/maintenance works to be done and lodgement of relevant documentation with Rental Bond Authority etc. for exiting tenants.

  • Inviting you to attend with us at One (1) Quarterly Inspection per annum (or as otherwise may be agreed upon between yourself and our office).

  • Regular contact with you providing updates on your property.

  • Responding to your telephone calls and/or emails as soon as practically possible or within 24 hours. We endeavour to answer all calls and emails where possible on the same day.

Allow us to guide you through the entire process

From finding the home of your dreams or a suitable investment property, through to finance arrangements, finding a suitable Solicitor, negotiating on your behalf, and, finally, moving into your new property or listing your investment property on the market for rent.

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