a property is a major
financial commitment

Purchasing a property, whether it is your home, or an investment property is a major financial commitment, and possibly one of the biggest financial commitments you will ever make.

However, it’s also going to be an exciting turning point – one that will almost certainly make an impact on your lifestyle.

For many, it will be a first step on the property ladder.

There are many things to consider:

This may all seem a little overwhelming and complicated, but that’s why we are here. To help you, and guide you through this process.

Choosing the Right Loan

Eaton & Ascot gives you access to experienced, accredited mortgage professionals who will provide you with the home finance solution that best suits your circumstances.

Choosing a Solicitor

Choosing the right Solicitor or Conveyancer is very important in order to safeguard your interests.

We have long standing relationships with several Legal Offices throughout the Brisbane area, which are highly specialised in conveyancing.

If you don't already have your own Solicitor to act for you in the conveyance, we can provide you with a selection of services provided and the legal costings charged by these Solicitors, for you to choose the one which is best suited to your circumstances.

What type of Property are you Looking to Buy?

Let us know what type of property you are looking for by filling out the form below and we will be happy to keep an eye out and let you know when we have a property matching your description come up for sale.

Buyer’s Agent

Are you looking to buy a property!
This can be a very time consuming and stressful experience and mistakes can be very costly. As a Buyer’s Agent, we work to protect your best interests through every step of the process and ensure that you find your ideal property at the best possible price.

Whether you are a local buyer, an overseas or interstate buyer looking to relocate, or an interstate or local investor we are here to help you. Our services and expertise are in locating, negotiating and acquiring the perfect property for at the right price.

Brisbane is our home, we live and fully understand property markets in and around Brisbane and we’d love the opportunity to help you secure your ideal property.

We will plan, manage & execute the entire purchasing process for you from the very simple to the most complex. Guiding and advising you from selecting the perfect property for you, negotiating the best possible price, and liaising with your Solicitors from start to finish to ensure a smooth transaction without headaches or stress!

Engaging Eaton & Ascot as your Buyer’s Agent will save you time, money & stress, as well as giving you peace of mind knowing that you are buying the right property at the right price and having an expert representing you from start to finish.


How do I proceed? Let’s begin…

Contact Eaton & Ascot

Contact us today by phone, email or by completing the on-line enquiry form.

Initial Consultation
The first meeting is arranged either in person, by phone/Skype/What’s App or Zoom meeting.  During the meeting we will..
Commencement of our Services

Once you agree to engage Eaton&Ascot as your Buyer’s Agent, a Form 6 “Appointment of Property Agent” will need to be signed and the appointment fee paid.

We are now ready to begin! Together we will discuss and complete a detailed list of your property needs to assist us identify the type and characteristics of the property you are looking for.

The Search for your Property Begins

Depending on your requirements, properties are sourced from both on market and off market listings.   

Our searches are tailored to your specific individual needs taking into account budget, location, amenities, and the physical characteristics of the property you are searching for.  For investors, specific attention is given to capital growth potential, rental returns and possible taxation benefits. 

We will physically inspect all suitable properties and the surrounding area to investigate the appeal of the property for home-buyers, investors and potential tenants. We also investigate to identify any possible problems before you purchase.

Presentation of Properties to you

A shortlist of potential properties will be presented to you. 

Depending on your location, we recommend that you inspect all short-listed properties. 

If this is not possible (usually interstate or overseas buyers) then we will attempt to do a video walk through with you (depending on time zones and access to the property) or video tour of the property.

It is very important that you feel confident that the decision to purchase is the right one for you.

Ready to Buy and Negotiate

Your Buyer’s Agent is very experienced in the negotiation process and we will always work for you to ensure we achieve the best possible price and terms and conditions for your purchase, after-all, Negotiation is our Business.  Our ‘success fee’ is quite small compared to the savings that you achieve on the purchase price.  Our experience in the market and comprehensive research will give you confidence that you are not paying too much. 

We will guide you through the contract process, ensuring that you understand the document and that it contains any special conditions that you require

Contract, Settlement & Post Settlement

Once the contract is signed we  will guide you through the process right up until settlement.  In conjunction with your solicitor and your financier we will ensure that the special terms in the contract are satisfied. These often include:

We will attend the Building and Pest Inspections so we are fully aware of any potential problems.  In the event that defects are found, then we can help advise you on how to proceed.  This may include rectification works being carried out, re-negotiating the purchase price, or even withdrawing from the contract if necessary.   We will also attend the pre-settlement inspections if required.   The success fee is payable to Eaton&Ascot when the contract becomes unconditional.  But that is not where our services end.   We will be there right up until settlement and after settlement if you require us to collect and hold keys, or for overseas and interstate clients, co-ordinate access for Interior Decorators, Furniture Deliveries, assist in organising for services to be connected etc.  If you are an Investor, we can also arrange for the property to be leased for you.

Allow us to guide you through the entire process

From finding the home of your dreams or a suitable investment property, through to finance arrangements, finding a suitable Solicitor, negotiating on your behalf, and, finally, moving into your new property or listing your investment property on the market for rent.

Property Details

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