Selling Property in Autumn

Selling Property in Autumn

Spring is usually considered the most fruitful selling period of the year with buyers enticed by thriving gardens and warmer weather. However many vendors are increasingly considering Autumn as one of the best seasons for selling. Here is why selling property in Autumn is a great option.



By the time Autumn rolls around most people are back into the swing of things. Christmas, New Years and summer holidays are a fleeting memory and as people turn their attention from festivities to settling and achieving their goals, and for many, this includes buying property.

Autumn also occurs just before the end of the financial year which can help nudge buyers into a quicker decision if they are hoping for tax concessions, lower moving prices or quicker transactions.



Unlike the feverish atmosphere of the warner season property markets where open homes can attract curious member of the public with time on their hands, Autumn brings with it a distinct tone of seriousness.

With the holidays well and truly over, potential buyers have had time to seriously plan, research, budget and strategise to secure their new home. Spring and summer vendors are now ready to move which further boosts the pool of serious buyers.



Subscribing to the belief that spring is the best time to sell, vendors typically flood the market from September to February. This can lead to an oversupply of properties and result in a buyers’ market.

Come Autumn however, the influx of real estate stock tends to settle down. Fewer properties help drive buyer competition, maximising the vendor’s chance of achieving the best sale price possible.



Autumn in Australia is renowned for its ideal weather. The skies clear up, the temperatures are pleasant, and the humidity is low. This makes viewing properties or attending auctions more comfortable for buyers who no longer have to battle the extreme heat or torrential downpours of the warmer months.



Autumn and nature are synonymous and for good reason. The trees are alive with colours, embellishing Australian streets and yards with pops of yellows, reds and orange amid evergreen natives. This kind of display can boost curb appeal, improving property appeal much more than other seasons.



Autumn is particularly good time to sell a property in a regional area, as rural lifestyle locations attract supercharged attention in the cooler months. Who can resist the romantic ambience of the countryside in Autumn. Strolling amongst fallen leaves on a clear crisp morning or sipping wine by the fire in the evening.



Preparing for an Autumn sale means paying attention to the usual exterior elements such as making sure the yard is mowed and tidy, and the windows spotless. When it comes to the interior, like when selling at anytime of the year, it should be impeccably clean and decluttered but with some autumnal touches such as a clean fireplace and season accessories such as throws, cushions and layered bed linen to make buyers feel cosy and welcomed.



Selling a property in Autumn is a delicate balancing act as public holidays can create lulls in the market. For example, it is a good idea to avoid listing close to Easter and Anzac Day, as well as school holidays as many potential buyers leave town for extended periods of time during this period. So choosing the correct time is important.



Whether Autumn is the best season to sell not only depends on the property, its surrounding and its location but also on your current circumstances. While Spring is a popular time to showcase and sell property in many areas, a coastal property may be at their best in Summer.

Ultimately, there is no good or bad time to sell, there is only the right time for you. Any reason can be a good time to list if you have the right strategy in place and market conditions are favourable, such as during a sellers’ market where buyer demand outstrips supply.

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