Some Simple Ways to Style Your Rental Property

Some Simple Ways to Style Your Rental Property

Some Simple Ways to Style Your Rental Property

As a tenant, there are rules around what you can and can’t do to the rental property you are renting.

Tenancy agreements usually prevent renovations, alterations, or additions to the property without the landlord’s written consent. If you are wanting to do something drastic to the property like paint a wall or change flooring, the first thing to do is contact your property manager so they can discuss your plans with the landlord.

If you are looking for a simple yet effective non-permanent way to make updates to the property, below are some ideas on how to decorate the property without breaking any rules.


Decals – otherwise known as peel and stick vinyl stickers are very popular right now and come in all different colours and designs. Wallpaper is also now available in a removable option that does not required glue or someone to install it. Decals and removable wallpaper are a great non-permanent option to add bold colours or prints to a space, as long as they do not damage the paintwork.


House plants and flowers instantly lift a space and bring rooms to life. They also have the bonus of producing oxygen, which cleans the air, removes toxins, and helps reduce stress. Start small with one or two plants on a side table.


Most leases will prohibit tenants from drilling holes in the walls to hand photos and artwork. Thankfully removable self-adhesive exist. Before hanging anything, make sure you check the weight of the item and capacity of the hook. Something too heavy might end up causing a bubble or hole in the wall.


A lack of storage space can be frustrating. Luckily you can add your own without physically attaching to the walls. Storage options can not only be functional additions (such as hiding clutter & mess), but they can also act as a style statement. Tv Cabinets, coffee tables and bookshelves come in all styles.


The best way to fix unappealing flooring is to add a rug. A statement rug can be a simple and affordable way to life a space and add warmth and comfort underfoot.


A splash of colour or structural piece can transform a space. Arrange coffee table books on declutter shelves, decorate a side table with flowers, drape a throw over the sofa along with cushions. Vases, plants, collectibles, sculptures, art, candles, and decorative bowls/plates can life a room and distract from things you cannot change.


Most fittings can be updated without disrupting the fixtures. You may choose to install new lighting or window treatments like blinds or curtains. Just don’t throw away anything, such as old blinds or curtains as you might have to restore the property to its original condition before you vacate.

These are some simple ways to style your rental property. Remember before you do anything, consult your lease agreement, and contact your property manager to see what the rules are.

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