Common Causes of Shower Leaks

Common Causes of Shower Leaks

Did you know that in Australia, a person uses around 12 – 15 litres of water every minute in the shower.

Below are some common reasons why your shower leaks and how to prevent it:

Clogged Showerhead
Check the rubber washer to see if it’s still in good condition. There could also be limescale build up which can cause a faulty showerhead and leaks.

Worn Out Shower Hose 
Your shower hose must be replaced regularly as it is subject to wear and tear and can also cause leaks. Knowing the right length of your shower hose is also important to last longer. Ideally, choose shower hoses that are 1.60 metres or 2.00 metres. The shorter ones are recommended if you have a bathtub and don’t want the hose to get in the way.

Faulty Shower Mixer Tap 
A damaged rubber seal can cause leaks. A rubber seal can be found inside the mixer’s neck. Your plumber will turn off your hot and cold water taps and drain the remaining water in the pipe. The spout will be removed to replace the rubber seal.

Cracked Tiles 
Building structures may experience natural expansion and contraction due to changes in moisture and temperature over the years. If this happens, you will notice that doors are harder to move, and there are hairline cracks on the walls. Likewise, one of the most affected areas will be your shower, specifically your tiles and cement. These materials are not flexible and the changes might cause the grout to crack. The gaps are the entryway for water to seep through the tiles. One way to maintain your shower is by regrouting using epoxy instead of cement-based grout.

Water Supply Pipe Issues 
If your pipes are damaged or were not installed properly, shower leaks can occur. Pipelines are often in-between the building structure, and you will have limited access. If you suspect that the pipe is causing a leak, call a professional. You can also do a quick test. Here’s how to do it:

Turn off all your water supply at home and check your water metre dials. After two hours, recheck it. If the dials have moved, there’s a leak in your water supply pipes.

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